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Stefan H.

Saxophones, diatonic accordion, vocals

Vulgo "Brosler", usually called Hörti. He is the junior manager of the "Brosler"-farm in Grinzens and thus the bands foremost authority in matters of horses. And meat loaf made of horse. And all things concerning agriculture and diatonic accordions. Besides, he is the youngest member of the group and has the brightest stage-smile, which he perfected during his time in the pop business. He studies at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and likes to wear baseball caps. Often simultaneously. Strikingly, for a Tyrolean at least, he is by now fluent in understanding the Bregenzerwald dialect. On tour, he likes to go jogging even before breakfast. Why? We don’t know. Probably for bragging rights.

Stefan Hörtnagl plays on Müller Harmonicas, Schagerl Model 66 as well as Forestone Saxophones and uses Harmonikatechnik microphones as well as products from Lenz.